"The 'new problem'... where we're stuck... we're stuck because all of the old methods DON'T work. If any of those methods would have worked, we would have gone through there. So when we get stuck in a certain place, it's a place where history will not repeat herself. And that makes it even more exciting, because whatever we are going to look at... the method and the trick, and the way it is going to look, is going to be very different than anything that we've seen before."

- Richard Feynman



Qualification Model Rover Demonstrator for Deep Drilling


The QMRD3 open source rover is targeted at the education sector, providing higher-ed institutions with an affordable full-size Curiosity / Perseverance rover platform to use for technology development. For example, our other project (ARD3) leans heavily on this rover platform for functional testing. A high percentage of 3d printed components are used, and the cost to build is around $5000.

Autonomous Robotic Demonstrator for Deep Drilling (ARD3)


This project's main goal is to rapidly advance Mars deep ice drilling technology. ARD3 is designed to drive up and down the bore hole with flexible tracks that are "squish-fit" against the bore wall. When one unit comes up from the bore, the next can be sent down while the first unit is serviced. The units are nicknamed borebots.

2021 NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Phase I Award Winner


Read the white paper here.




Monolithically Manufactured Cubesat


This project focuses on the feasibility of a Cubesat that doesn't require assembly in a traditional sense. The structure is fabricated additively with components simply being set in place during pre-programmed pauses in the automated fabrication process. This project may deserve a revisit in the future and remains proprietary.

Dynamic Compression Valveless Pulsejet Engine (DCVPE)


Our first project was improving a valveless pulsejet engine design to support undersea vehicle integration. This was the world's first attempt at leveraging undersea supercavitation technology with an airbreathing pulsejet propulsion system.